Meet The Team | Lansdale, PA | Lansdale Dental P.C.

Nancy M. - Head Dental Assisstant. Nancy has been with Lansdale Dental P.C for nearly a decade. She is a devoted individual who helps in patient care, sterilization and ordering of dental supplies.


Beth K. -  Front Desk/ Admin - Beth was first a patient and soon became an employee of Lansdsle Dental P.C. about 8years ago. She handles Insurance claims and is involved in scheduling patient appointments.


Alpita P. - Front Desk / Admin - Alpita has been with Lansdale Dental P.C. for 6years and is involed in administrative duties.


Crystal D. Admin / Dental Asst. - Crysrtal joined Lansdale Dental P.C about 5years prior and left on maternity leave 2years later. She returned after spending time raising her two young children.


Bryan S. - Hygienist - Bryan joined Lansdale Dental P.C. about a year ago. He plays a key role in educating patients in Oral Health Care.